Our Mission



The Lingnan Foundation, an American philanthropy, seeks to contribute to the advancement of higher education in South China and thereby promote understanding between Chinese and Americans. Guided by the example of international collaboration embodied in the legacy of Lingnan University (founded in Guangzhou, China, in 1888), the Lingnan Foundation pursues its mission by supporting scholarly exchange, educational innovation, and service to society.

Vision Statement

The relationship between China and the United States is of profound importance to the world’s future. The Lingnan Foundation believes that a cooperative relationship, founded on mutual understanding and respect, will enable our two countries to address common problems and reach shared goals effectively.

The Foundation further believes that higher education is a crucial venue for realizing these objectives, giving rise to unprecedented opportunities for collaboration between Chinese and American universities, scholars, and students. Of particular interest to the Foundation is how liberal education instills capacities for broad understanding and lifelong learning and how it can enrich training in the professions.

The Foundation funds efforts to promote integrative learning and innovative curricula that incorporate liberal learning into teaching, research, and engagement between China and the United States (see Grant Objectives and Guidelines).