Grant Guidelines & Objectives

Grant Guidelines & Objectives


The Foundation has at its core a philosophy of responsive grantmaking. It strives to exemplify and promote relationships of mutual understanding and respect by responding to the priorities of our partner institutions in South China within the framework of shared commitments to the development of higher education.

Although its primary work is making grants, the Foundation also seeks to serve as a resource in developing and facilitating contacts within the academic world between China and the United States. The Foundation is interested in international partnerships and funding collaborations that support our funding priorities so we may leverage partners’ experience, innovation, resources and success.


The Lingnan Foundation pursues its mission through grantmaking activities that give special priority to institutions and programs with historic Lingnan affiliations. Specifically, grants submitted by:

In general, the Foundation favors programs that serve as catalysts in higher education for innovation, education for service, and institutional impact in China, Asia, and the United States.

Funding Priorities for Grants that support the development of:

1. Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows Program
2. Service and liberal learning
3. Institutionalization of programs
4. International partnership – leverage partners’ experiences, innovation, resources, successes, etc.
5. Professional development enhancing institutional capacity
6. Funding collaboration with other organizations
7. Support the development of LUHK’s status as a premier liberal arts university
8. Support SYSU Lingnan (University) College’s development as a premier center for economic research and analysis

How to Apply: