Lingnan Foundation Collections

Lingnan Foundation Collections

2In 2003, the Lingnan Foundation received a collection of more than 200 scrolls and watercolor paintings. We assume the collection was originally assembled by the remarkable Mr. Szto Wai, a Lingnan University graduate of 1908.

4The collection includes many of Mr. Szto Wai's own work—notably, his watercolor paintings of the former Lingnan University campuses. The collection presumably came to the United States in the middle of the 20th century as part of Lingnan University's fundraising efforts.

The collection subsequently was held by former Trustees of Lingnan University and the Lingnan Foundation until 2003 when Ms. Tsing Szutu Chu donated it to the Lingnan Foundation.

The Lingnan Foundation, in turn, donated it to Lingnan University in Hong Kong in celebration of its combined 120th and 40th anniversary celebrations. The collection now forms part of Lingnan University's Lingnan Archives.

Lingnan University's Online Digital Exhibition includes commentary text for many of the paintings.  More can be viewed in this video.