2019 Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows Selected

We are pleased to announce that the 2019 Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows have been selected!

The 2019 Fellows come from both Sun Yat-Sen University (7 Fellows) and from Lingnan University Hong Kong (5 Fellows).

  • There are 8 women and 4 men.
  • There are 5 undergraduate students (3 third year, 2 fourth year) - all from Lingnan University Hong Kong.
  • All the Sun Yat-Sen University Fellows are graduate students - 3 are first year, 3 are 2nd year and 1 is a third year graduate student.

Below is the list of our 2019 Fellows!  And to learn more about them, visit the Current Fellows page.

2019 Lingnan W. T. Chan Fellows
Name English First Name University Major Current Class Standing
CHAN, Kelphen Clinton Ng Kelphen LUHK History 4th Year Undergraduate
CHEN, Ying Carol SYSU Social Work 1st year Graduate
KO, Yee Man Jasmine LUHK Chinese Language and Literature 4th Year Undergraduate
HUNG, Justin Ka Wai Justin LUHK HISTORY 3rd year Undergraduate
LI, Wenqing Yuky SYSU International Business 2nd Year  Graduate
LI, Yihong Miley SYSU Medical Statistics and Epidemiology 3rd Year Graduate
LIANG, Jiaen Jiaen SYSU Social Work 2nd Year Graduate
LU, Ziqian Alice SYSU English Interpreting 2nd Year Graduate
TSUI, Hong Kiu Ian LUHK English 3rd year undergraduate
WU, Yanyi Ekko SYSU Finance 1st year graduate
YUSUF, Maisha Maliha Maisha LUHK Finance 3rd Year Undergraduate
ZENG, Qian Jane SYSU Finance 1st Year Graduate