Sikee Louie

Sikee Louie has served as Trustee of the Board of the Lingnan Foundation since 2014.  He graduated from Hong Kong Lingnan Middle School in 1966, came to the U.S. and obtained a Master of Science in Systems Management from U.S.C.  Mr. Louie was employed by Hughes Aircraft Co. (now Raytheon Co.) on multiple air defense projects, and at the same time ran a publishing company spanning 23 years with wife Alice.  He served a 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization as chairperson of KCBA, Inc. and as adviser to overseas Chinese affairs with ROC and to some extent PROC.  A dedicated Lingnanian, he initiated and organized the very first Lingnan Global Reunion in 2005 and the 2008 reunion held in Hong Kong.  Mr. Louie also served as chairman of Lingnan Inc., president and adviser of Lingnan Alumni Association in Los Angeles, and has supported the Chan Fellows Program in Los Angeles since its program inception.