Chui L. Tsang

Chui L. Tsang, Ph.D. has served on the Lingnan Foundation Board of Trustees since 2010.  Dr. Tsang recently retired from the presidency of Santa Monica College, a California college which enrolls about 35,000 students. Under his nine-plus years of steady leadership the school was able to navigate several severe unstable State funding cutbacks.  He was credited with the creation of numerous high-demand new majors, including the cutting-edge B.A. degree in Interaction Design, and fostered excellent relations both within the college and with the greater community.

With a Ph.D. in linguistics from Stanford, he has taught at Stanford University, De Anza College, and San Francisco State University, and published in the fields of linguistics, education and workforce training.  Previously, he served as president of San Jose City College for nine years.  Dr. Tsang grew up in Hong Kong and came to the U.S. after high school graduation to pursue his college education.  He lives in the San Francisco area and is active in the local community.