Investment, Stewardship & Administration of Funds

Investment, Stewardship & Administration of Funds


The Funds will be part of the Foundation’s permanent endowment and managed in accordance with the Lingnan Foundation Board of Trustees approved investment policies and subject to the Board’s fiduciary oversight. The Fund will be commingled with the Foundation’s existing assets to achieve maximum economies of scale for investments. The Foundation shall not be required to segregate the Fund for investment purposes. Awards will start when the required minimum $100,000 is received and the investment yields reach fundable amount.


The Foundation shall provide annual written stewardship reports on the Fund to the Donors. The report shall include information on the recipients of grants from the Fund via their institutions of higher education.

Administration and Authorized Expenditures

Selection of fellowships and awards will be made by the Lingnan Foundation Program Committee and approved by the Board of Trustees. Fellows and Awardees may be recommended by sponsoring institutions and will be interviewed, selected, and approved by the Lingnan Foundation.
The standards used for selection shall be established in accordance with the intended purpose for the Fund.

The standards and application procedures shall be published on the Foundation website and other marketing materials by the sponsoring institutions receiving grants and awards.

Expenditures related to the Fund shall be subject to Foundation accounting procedures and guidelines. In any year in which there are no qualified uses for proceeds from the Fund, proceeds may be aggregated for succeeding years. In the event there are sufficient funds, they may be awarded in accordance with these guidelines.

Annual expenditures of the Fund will be targeted to meet current Internal Revenue Service regulations. (Current rate is 5%) Spending distribution shall fluctuate depending on the current investment management and spending policies thresholds overseen by the Lingnan Foundation Board of Trustees.