Strategic Plan

strategic-planStrategic Plan

Goal 1


Improve and increase grant programs

The Lingnan Foundation aims to provide grants that support innovative, high-quality programs for the enrichment of students, faculty, and staff. Priorities for support include U.S.-China cooperation and exchange, leadership development and the expansion of liberal learning.


  • Increase quality grant proposals that support the central mission and goals of Lingnan Foundation.
  • Improve the grant development process.
  • Establish better guidelines for grant reporting and evaluation.
  • Enhance grants coordination, linkages, and impact.

Goal 2


Maintain and increase financial resources

The Lingnan Foundation must preserve its current financial assets and seek to increase them to meet the continuing financial underwriting of grants, programs, and operations. The Foundation also wishes to launch advancement efforts to establish endowed scholarship funds to enhance exchange opportunities for deserving needy students from our partner institutions.


  • Restore the endowment to its 2008 pre-recession level.
  • Increase Lingnan Foundation endowment funds by 10 percent over its 2008 level.
  • Establish an endowed scholarship fund of $2 million.

Goal 3


Strengthen internal and external communications

Lingnan Foundation aims to regularly share its pertinent programs, initiatives, and special interest information with internal and external constituencies.


  • Improve current information channels.
  • Develop and use a comprehensive contact list of Lingnan stakeholders and supporters for regular mailing and communications.
  • Develop and distribute Lingnan Foundation marketing materials.

Goal 4


Enhance the Lingnan Foundation's impact on education for service and liberal learning

A critical measure of success is the short- and long-term impact of the mission and vision of the Lingnan Foundation. Such impact must be measured, tracked, and enhanced.


  • Develop and implement an evaluation plan to measure the impact of programs and grants.
  • Utilize evaluation results to inform future plans for the Foundation.
  • Establish long-term tracking and documentation of metrics.