2017 Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows Sing for Lingnan Alumni

In September, the San Francisco and Los Angeles chapters of the Lingnan Alumni Associations were treated to singing performances by the 2017 Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellows.   In the case of the LA Chapter, Trustee Sikee Louie invited the UCLA Fellows to enjoy the Chapter's Mid-Autumn Festival after hosting them to lunch.  The Fellows helped decorate the LA Chapter's clubhouse - hanging lights and a collection of lanterns - some of which had been decorated by past UCLA Fellows.  At both events, the Fellows warmed up the audience by first singing the Lingnan school song.

2017 UCLA Fellows Yuchao Xu, Quichen Zhang, Jiayi Lu, Sau Yi Kwan, Gaochen Liu and Sai Hang Tsui on guitar sing at the LA Chapter Lingnan Alumni Association's Mid-Autumn Festival on September 30, 2017.

2017 UC Berkeley Fellows Panpan Tang, Wei Zhang, Zikai Li, Jialin An, Yulin He and Jealdrin Madrid sing at the SF Chapter Lingnan Alumni Association luncheon on September 23, 2017

2017 UCLA Fellows decorated a lantern to add to the LA Chapter Lingnan Alumni Association's collection of lanterns. Previous Lingnan Chan Fellows have decorated lanterns in their collection.