Lingnan Lunches at China Institute

Lingnan Lunches at the China Institute

The Lingnan Foundation has hosted “Lingnan Lunches” in New York City for more than 30 years. Most of these events, usually 4 or 5 annually, have been and continue to be held at China Institute. The lunches bring together representatives of non-profit organizations that promote education about, and/or cultural exchange with, China. Each lunch, on a self-paying basis, includes a presentation by a single organization about its work or a panel of organizations to discuss a particular theme; an extended Q&A period; and brief reports by the lunch attendees on developments in the field. During China Institute’s recent move to new and larger quarters near Wall Street, some sessions were hosted by other organizations, and some diversity of venue might continue. But the primary host will continue to be China Institute. The Lingnan Foundation, as a “Corporate Member” of the Institute, is pleased that the program’s name has been changed to the “Lingnan Lunch at China Institute” to reflect this longstanding collaboration.

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