2017 Lingnan W.T. Chan Reunion Dinner

After attending their first full day at O’Camp, the 2017 Fellows were presented at the Reunion dinner held on June 3rd at the Sun Yat-Sen University Kaifeng Hotel.

The 2016 Fellows, under Jack Chen Chen's leadership with help from Maeve Minghuan Xu, organized the Reunion Dinner.  Yulu Liu (2016 UCB) and Jerry Tang (2016 UCLA) were the MCs for the evening.  2016 Fellows Cindy Xinle Zhong (UCB) and Kirin Qilin Huang (UCLA) were featured speakers at the 2017 Reunion Dinner.

Cindy Xinle Zhong

Xinle discussed the implementation of her Lingnan W.T. Chan Fellowship final project.  In March 2017 she started an organization that focuses on bisexual and pansexual communities called BiVoice. It is the first organization in Guangzhou and also one of the very few organizations in China centering bisexual issues.


Kirin Qilin Huang

Qilin discussed her work with Bottle Dream, an NGO in Guangzhou that features stories about changemakers.   She discussed how people can do service work in the context of their own occupations – and that they didn’t necessarily need to work for a non-profit or governmental organization.

2017 Reunion Dinner Masters of Ceremony: Jerry Jiayu Tan (2016 UCLA) and Yulu Liu (2016 UCB)